Walmart Layaway Information

Sept. 22, 2021 update: It looks like Wal-Mart will not be offering its layaway plan for the 2021 holiday season. Instead, it’s pushing the “buy now pay later” Affirm financing system, which assesses interest similar to that of a credit card.

Nov. 2, 2020 update: While Wal-Mart continues to offer layaway, it’s pulled back on the number of stores participating in the program for the 2020 holiday season. A store locator on the Wal-Mart website indicates which stores will offer layaway. Company spokesman Casey Staheli told an Arkansas newspaper, “Stores continuing layaway were selected based on usage of the program over the past few years.” Some industry experts take this as a signal that Wal-Mart wants customers to instead use its buy now, pay later program called Affirm. For locations that do offer layaway, the last day to pay off items this year is Dec. 14.

Sept. 30, 2019 update: This year, the layaway program runs from Aug. 30 through Dec. 9. Everything placed on layaway must be paid for and picked up by Dec. 9. Wal-Mart has raised the cancellation fees this year: $20 or 20 percent, whichever is greater. This could amount to a substantial fee, and at minimum equals your down payment, so be certain that you plan to pay off the items you lay away. In some states, the cancellation fee cannot exceed $25 (Alabama) or $50 (North Carolina). No cancellation fee can be charged in Ohio, Maryland, Rhode Island, or Washington D.C. The layaway program still requires a minimum of $50 in purchases, but this year each item placed on layaway must retail for at least $10. The layaway program also excludes all wireless phones.

Sept. 12, 2018 update: Wal-Mart layaway started on Aug. 31 this year. The rules remain largely the same: No opening fee, pay 10% of $10 down (whichever is greater), and hold at least $50 worth of purchases from categories such as electronics (but no contract-required phones), toys, small appliances, select sporting goods, and jewelry. The program runs through Dec. 10, and everything must be claimed and paid off by that date. Be aware that a $10 cancellation fee now applies, except in: Ohio, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Washington D.C.

Sept. 6, 2017 update: This year, amid lagging toy sales, Wal-Mart launched its layaway program earlier than ever, on Sept. 1. The terms remain the same: pay 10% or $10 down (whichever is greater) to hold at least $50 worth of items. All items must be paid off and claimed by Dec. 11.

According to Reuters news, analysts say that, in some regions, layaway programs now account for 15% of holiday revenue at large retailers such as Wal-Mart. Star Wars items, along with video games and Lego sets, are expected to be big sellers this year. Wal-Mart boasts 300 exclusive toys for the 2017 Christmas and Hanukkah season.

Sept. 1, 2016 update: Wal-Mart launched its layaway program earlier than usual this year, Sept. 2, in part to capitalize on interest in Star Wars Rogue One merchandise as well as other hot holiday toys. Buyers must put 10% or $10 down (whichever is greater). Items placed on layaway must cost at least $10, and you’ll need to have at least $50 worth of items in your “basket” to initiate the layaway. All items must be paid off by Dec. 12.
Sept. 21, 2014 update: For the 2014 holiday season, which launched Sept. 12, all Wal-Mart layaway orders must be picked up and paid for by Dec. 15. There’s a $10 cancellation fee, but the retailer is temporarily waiving its $5 “opening fee” and expanding the categories of products that can be placed on layaway.

Each item must be $15 or more, and the total layaway value must exceed $50. The down payment required is $10 or 10 percent, whichever is greater. There is no online layaway option. Payment and pickup must be made in the store, though Wal-Mart may store some items off-site, making them available up to 10 days after final payment but no later than Dec. 15.

Aug. 24, 2013 update: Wal-Mart has ditched the $5 layaway fee for the 2013 season. However, the $10 cancellation fee that was eliminated last year is back. In a move that some in the financial press called a “desperate” move, the retailer is offering free layaway starting on Sept. 13, which is a few days earlier than last year. The last day of 2013 Wal-Mart layaway is Dec. 13, and more than 35,000 items are eligible.

Sept. 4, 2012 update: This year, Wal-Mart is launching its holiday layaway program even earlier, which may also help shoppers who are interested in back to school layaway. The store will begin to accept layaway items on Sept. 16, and consumers who “Like” Wal-Mart on Facebook can set their planned purchases aside as early as Sept. 14. In 2011, the year Wal-Mart layaway returned, items weren’t accepted until Oct. 17.

Wal-Mart has also changed its layaway rules, and buyers who pay off their balance sooner will get a better deal. Last year, there was a $5 fee plus a $10 fee if the customer cancelled. In 2012, customers will kick down a $5 layaway fee and if they pay their account off by Dec. 14 (within 60 days rather than the also-allowed 90 days), they’ll receive a $5 Wal-Mart gift card. There’s still a down payment required of the greater of $10 or 10 percent, and there’s a minimum purchase requirement of $50, and each item must cost $15 or more. However, Wal-Mart is allowing even more product types to be put on layaway, such as sports and exercise equipment and small appliances. Wal-Mart is also highlighting Apple iPad layaway and Lego layaway in addition to laptop computers and toys.

So, technically, Wal-Mart layaway is not free in 2012, but if shoppers follow through with the purchase, they’ll get their 5 bucks back in the form of a gift card. [There has been some confusion, because when 2012 Wal-mart layaway was first announced, the company, in its initial Aug. 20 press release, described a $15 open fee that could be refunded in the form of a $15 gift card.]


On Sept. 8, 2011, Wal-Mart announced the return of layaway for the Christmas season. Starting Oct. 17, select toys and electronics can be placed on layaway. (Layaway won’t be allowed on “Black Friday,” the day after Thanksgiving.) Toys must be at least $15 each, and all layaways must total at least $50. There’s a nonrefundable $5 fee, plus another $10 if you cancel the layaway.

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After years of offering layaway to its customers, Walmart did away with the program on Sept. 14, 2006. The reasons given were that not enough people were using it and it cost too much (in staff time and floor space) to offer it. Plus, a spokesperson told media at the time, most people just use credit cards.

Some customers got together a petition to bring back Walmart layaway, but it didn’t work. Walmart spokespeople have stated on numerous occasions that the company has no plan to bring back layaway. In many stores, the physical space once occupied by the Layaway Department is now home to the Site to Store feature, for online order delivery.

Even after Wal-Mart discontinued its layaway program, the retailer continued to offer layaway on jewelry only in some markets. Some consumers report that “their” Wal-Marts still allow jewelry layaway.

Spokespeople continue to insist that ending layaway has not hurt Walmart’s business, but Internet message boards show many complaints about its absence, and Kmart is making its layaway program a key part of its Christmas advertising push.

As of December 2010, there are 10 Facebook groups devoted to petitioning for Wal-Mart to bring back layaway. One has 132,000 members.

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  1. Nurse Patty says:

    Who cares why anyone uses layaway? It’s their money to spend, and when and how they spend it is up to them. Some people may find it easier to shop for things outright, some people may like the convenience of shopping ahead of time and having a great hiding spot, some people may want to get their shopping done before the madness of the actual shopping season. It doesn’t matter who you are shopping for, what you do for a living, or whether you are educated. The bottom line is ~ Layaway can be a very convenient option for many reasons, and should be available to ALL customers who want to use it!

  2. NewKmartFan says:

    I just went to KMART and put over $1000 of items away on Layway. My christmas shopping is mostly DONE. I never shop at Kmart and honestly didn’t like it all, but since I was not buying electronicis, toys, or jewelry I could not go to my once favorite store Walmart and use layaway. While at Kmart putting away sweaters for grandma, clothes for mom, games for nephews, makeup and perfume for step kids, appliances for my son and his wife, etc. I decided that I don’t dislike Kmart as much as I used. I will probably shop at Kmart alot more now because they let me do all my shopping in one day and make payments on it so I don’t have to have all of those things taking up space in my home until a couple of weeks before christmas when I am ready to wrap them. I also think the payment plan is helpful. I could really care less what the stuck up crab commented on about budgeting money. She is obviously some old lady with too much time on her hands and nobody to buy Christmas gifts for so she has not problem just putting out $1000 in one day. I still have some items to buy and I will use Amazon or somewhere else for those items because this year I am BOYCOTTING WALMART, just because of their refusal to let me put everything and anything I want to on layaway. Sorry Walmart you lost a huge Walmart fan who used to spend at least $300 a week in just groceries at your store.

  3. pinky says:

    I hate that W- Mart has restrictions on how much an item has to cost for la a way and that I can’t put anything I want in….that is just one more reason I only go there once or twice a yaer

  4. Sunny J says:

    I ALWAYS use KMart Layaway. This year, I was so excited to learn Walmart opened their layaway plan until……their regimented rules were laid out at the top of this page.

    I’m so sorry KMart, I fell off the wagon. I promise I will never do it again!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Just went shopping for two hours in store today to start my Christmas shopping. Went to Layaway to put it all in. Guess what nothing in your layaway under 15.00 ??
    Took cart full of items back to the homes I got them from instead of leaving basket for associate to put away. Needless to say I only put two items in layaway from that cart. Very unsatisfied with this policy and you have to pay fee for layaway before they even start??
    Guess what the rest of my shopping will not be in a Walmart
    Guess where the rest of my shopping is going elsewhere.
    Tis the season to you Walmart
    Layaway back Not a good thing Walmart

  6. Cass813 says:

    I feel the same way. Who are the executives of the stores, and why do they care if layaway is used, its not hurting their business either, especially since so many people want it back. WalMart is one of the richest businesses in the US, so why is it such a hassle to get decent customer service. Some of us dont have perfect credit or perfect jobs, and dont have the ability to get unseen amts on credit cards, layaway is our best AND ONLY option, especially during holidays, and not just Christmas, all holidays. Credit Cards are great for those who have them, so layaway is good for us poor and middle class individuals that must not matter to the important people who make these decisions. Its nice to know what you have bought and make pmts without having its sitting around collecting dust before you can wrap it and dont have to save and dave to buy it only to see its gone back up in price or not available. Layaway has more good and positive feedback than it does bad, so for me its a no-brainer, bring back layaway for good!!!

  7. amanda says:

    i always used layaway and when walmart took it away it hurt alot i could no longer afford the thangs that i wanted and by the time i saved up the money it was no longer in stock and now with money and jobs being so scareis laway would help those who needs to put other things besides toys or electronics on layaway. please oh please bring it back i realy do belive that people now would and could benifit from it

  8. Nicole says:

    Our tv went out and we were going to put one on layaway since wal-mart has a great deal on them right now. Well we cant I did’nt know layaway was just for the holidays. Bum so now what are we going to do??? Please bring layaway back.. My husband and I each work two jobs and have 2 children. We don’t have the money or a credit card to whip out that kind of money. I guess we will just wait until we get our tax check and go to Best buy or circuit city!!

  9. Rita says:

    I used lay a way and found out that I had got the wrong gift for my daughter so i went to get a refund of my money. The receipt clearly stated that if you return before the 14th of Dec. you would receive a full refund on an uncompleted lay a way. They wanted to charge me $10. for the cancellation.
    When asked about the full refund I was told that an uncompleted order was when a customer adds or takes away from their lay a way. Does that make sense? This is the second time that I felt like I should not be shopping at Wal Mart. The service is all about a job not about customer relations. Every answer that comes out of the workers mouth is verbatium. They sound like robots.

  10. becca says:

    who cares, about $15.00 nd why would you even put somthin in lay a way that cost that much or less. just stupid if yall tell me =/

  11. anotherpooramerican says:

    I was and still am extremly pissed that walmart took away layaway. I have 5 kids and with the economy its extremely expensive to buy school clothes xmas present and just trying to keep up what they need through out the yr. I have been wanting to buy the intex 24’x52″ pool for yrs for my kids and my youngest how is disabled and LOVES water but cant afford it and laway would allow me to get that and so much more. If walmart brought back layaway I am sure I would be one of many americans spending hundreds more at walmart. BRING BACK LAYAWAY!!!!!

  12. beck says:

    My kids get christmas & birthdays solely from layaways. I used walmart layaway for years over smarts layaway plan. I did not like being charges and told when and how much to pay by Kmart, however I am a Kmart layaway person now. I refused to buy anything from walmart. I use to grocery shop there weekly and every christmas from 2000 to 2005 I would have 2-3 huge layaways. They lost a loyal customer when layaway was closed. Not everyone has credit cards or wants the high debts, so this was not wise of walmart at all.

  13. Gabs says:

    I was happy to hear about Walmart bringing layaway back. I was a bit unhappy that I couldn’t put clothes or anything under $15. This is how I get my kid’s clothes some years. I’ve been going to K-Mart & I will continue to use K-Mart.

  14. nette says:

    Walmart. You guys are crazy for taking away the layaway away from dedicated customers. Ive been goin to kmart and I hadn’t been in kmart in years. Now I go right past walmart to go to kmart!!!!! People like me with not so much income need layaway. Crazy crazy crazy decision!!!!! Do not care about your customers. You’ve lost more of them than you think.

  15. Beth says:

    Not all people have money. I also use Kmart layaway, which gives me the opportunity to pay little until I can pay it off. I use Kmart Layaway for almost everything. I could say I probably have spend more than thousand on a their layaway, and I’m grateful that they have layaway. Making things easier for other people who are less fortunate. Thank you Kmart!

  16. Aaron T. says:

    I was one of the Associates handling the Christmas Layaway Program for our store this year. I thought I’d give a little insider information to everyone else. The reason we only did Toys and Electronics and had a $15 dollar minimum was to reduce the amount of space we’d have to use in the back room. For our Walmart Store Layaway did very well, but at the same time was actually really inconvenient for our us. The space we normally used to keep a lot of our inventory had to be cleared out. Even with the restrictions we ran out of room to store layaways. Now although I said Layaway did really well, our total sales amounted to about the same amount we make on a single front end register in one business day. It took us 3 months to make 1 business day of profit. Also we had a lot of items to put back because people didn’t pick up there layaways.

    I would like the program to stay myself, I loved working it and would like to use it, but I can understand why they got rid of it. For our store to start it up again and keep it all year round we’d need an entire addition to the store. It just doesn’t seem practical.

  17. Mary says:

    Wal-mart layaway was the way to go. When a person don’t have lots of money to pay out at one time, this can help. Credit cards are something that some people don’t have nowadays. I would really like to see this come back. I surely would use it. I have been wanting a flat screen tv for ever.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I really pray they would bring back layaway @ Wal-Mart permantely. It really would help a lot of individuals with children and financial hardships. Please keep it.

  19. Diana says says:

    I like Walmart products better then Kmart. I shop at walmart my husband is now on social security there are things I want to buy but don’t have all the money right then. I wish there was a layaway again at walmart that is how we bought most or our nice things in our home. When the kids where small thats how we bought their Chrismas and our grandchildren to.
    Thank You for Listening! !

  20. David says:

    I was very excited to hear about layaway at Walmart because I’m disabled and on a fixed income so the only way I can get anything new that is over my spending limit. There’s no way I can get things such as electronics and furniture without it. Shame you guys dropped it. I would have been buying one thing after the other. As it is, you lost another customer. I’ll go to Kmart instead.

  21. taywana marie says:

    Speaking as a single parent…..its hard….!!!!! I need the layaway program so I can provide the extra things for my household…..without robbing peter to pay paul….

  22. please keep the lay-a-way department.i personally need it.i dont always have the cash.

  23. please continue the lay-a-way department.thanks

  24. I can”t afford a new tv and now are some great prices out there you need to bring back layaway i saw a 32 inch for $209. not a bad price on your website so plz bring it back thanks

  25. andy says:

    did my layaway at walmart last year for christmas. but now that i see they are not going to bring back layaway i guess kmart will be getting my bussiness from now on. even for christmas in 2012. not counting what i am going to buy through the year. i like layaway and walmart does not seem to get that. they dont care about customers from my experiance i have seen. so good luck to them.

  26. Shirley conner says:

    I would like to see walmart bring back lawaways all year .especially now with the ecomony. i always would layaway clothes and household item for birthdays , christmas all year long .. when you are on a fixed income it really helped alot of people out to clothed their families and to buy things we needed. Please bring walmart layaways back all year .

  27. P'DIDDY says:


  28. Sandra CHRISTENSEN says:

    Layaway has been a godsend for people who wish to buy higher priced items and could not do so otherwise. Also, families with lots of kids or lower income families need to budget their needs. They don’t get the merchandise before completing payment….so what is Walmart’s problem? In this economy, a little bit of consideration would be appreciated. Thank you. Sandra

  29. lovelayway says:

    I like the layway, also! It helps you budge it for something that you can not afford to put out the cash all at once. It helps when you have a season item that you like and do not have the money right then. BRING BACK LAYWAY ALL YR LONG PLEASE WALMART! That’s why I like KMart, online HSN, and QVC get the product you want and make payments without using you credit cards low to no interest. SMARTEN UP WALMART!

  30. rebekkah says:

    I too am very disappointed in walmart. To be controlling on the rules for layaway is ridiculous. Sorry but with the economy the way it is & take away jobs is stupid. Many people would’ve loved to have a job in layaway. Sorry but with as much as walmart brings in between sams club walmart & murpheys they can afford to keep the layaway option. I honestly thought kmart would be closing down cause walmart gets the business. But walmart put kmart back in the game! I know for large shopping needs other then groceries I will use kmart. The last few years walmart has been very disappointing in many areas. Taking the layaway plan away was stupid & the icing on the cake for me. Then the rules put on the layaway just pissed me off.

  31. Worksincustomerservice! says:

    I don’t get why it’s so hard for purple to understand layaway policies. 5 dollar service free and 10 dollar cancellation fee if you make any changes. Layaway isn’t meant for a 5 dollar item, it’s meant for multiple items of a larger amount or one expensive item. People should learn to read policies and receipts.

  32. StupidWal-Mart says:

    Wal mart need to bring back thier layaway program, it doesnt matter if they make money or lose money from the layaway!!! its very convienient for the customers to lay away items, other stores do it all year long , so wal mart should do it alkl year long!! guess there goes another wal mart customer leaving wal mart and heading to roses, k mart, sears, well im off to sears or roses to put some items on layaway. wal mart lost my business with them!!

  33. Kim says:

    I used to use Walmart all the time for layaway. But they quit doing it. I can deal with the charges, however, the $15 dollar minimum is ridiculous. Those of us who do not have a ton of money or a credit card to throw items on, makes it difficult for those of us who work hard every day and are just barely making it, to buy the items we may really need at ANY time. I had stopped shopping at KMart some years back, but that’s all changed now. I don’t shop at Walmart for anything anymore. If Walmart wants my business, it’ll have to change a few things. Provide your employees better! Give them some medical insurance. And for goodness sake……bring back layaway!!!!!

  34. Tonya T says:

    Shame on Walmart not everybody can afford things the way your store say it can.Ask yourself would the founder of Walmart be happy as of now me I don’t think so he was about making and keeping happy.Walmart have got out of that and for that money will be lost you may not feel it now but you will oneday. Sitting at the board meeting wondering how to get more plan smart and not just for the moment now roll that down.

  35. Anna says:

    Just did all my shopping for my new home through Kmart layaway online. Can make all payments online and pick up at the Kmart close to my new home after the move. Walmart you really messed up and are losing a lot of customers.

  36. phoebe jarrell says:

    i was sad when there shut down walmart layway i am hoping that then can put it back because its alot easily for people to buy things for there kids please walmart put the layway back on

  37. Kairi says:

    @ Worksincustomerservice!: First, purple doesn’t but things on layaway! LOL. Second, I think if someone happens to be buying a $10 item in bulk then, that’s okay for me. My experience for last the Christmas season at Walmart was a bit bizarre, it was explained to me that the cut off is at $15 without tax, but when you actually buy an item, you have to pay the tax on said item. I wanted to put one particular wii game away and it was $14.95 and was unable to, but tax is 10.25% which would have made the game over @$15. Considering that I had a balance board, and two other wii games that were horribly expensive on layaway, I think I should have been able to put that game with the rest of my items. I had to put the game back. It was silly, especially when the old dude behind me was arguing in my favor (might have been because he wanted to get out of there though.)

    @ Aaron T: I understand space is a consideration, but, things can remain in the warehouse until the item is paid off for, with a scheduled pickup at the store or free shipping to home, etc. There are ways around limited store storage and online management.

    Bottom Line: As long as there are other options, Kmart, Sears, etc., then Walmart can leave their layaway option off the table. Sure Walmart might take a while to make the same about of money that it might make in a day, but at the end of the quarter, every sales dollar counts. And, if people decide to boycott Walmart because it is more money oriented rather than considerate to their customer base, then they lose quarterly dollars.

  38. BETTY FORD says:

    Doing away with the layway hurt the poor with children. I belive that Mr . SAM Walton wouldn’t have done away with it because he belived in helping familys with low cost on anything in the store, not they the co is trying to make everyone get a wal-mart card so the stores can make more money with the cards and inerst on the cards,WE THE SHOPPERS WANT THE LATWAY BACK. we need it! betty-TEXAS

  39. sharon says:

    all i know ever since sam walton passed its all about the money and he probably turing over in his grave shame and do away with layaway well i guess when ur raking in the money who cares bout your customers they just keep giving them their money walmart started out with a plan but now who cares

  40. Beverly says:

    i think that wal-mart needs to bring back layaway because there are many people that can not afford to go into the store and buy 2 to 3 hundred dollars of merchandise like some other people can the layaway was helping people to buy merchandise and make payments on the items so that they would still be able to shop without going completely broke on items that were needed. I for one use to do layaway for school clothes and supplies a month before hand and layaway helped me cover all of my kids on everything that they needed, I think that it was a bad decision for wal-mart to pull the program because I for one find that I do not shop at wal-mart as much as I use to, and though I do not like k-mart I tend to go there so that I can afford to shop.

  41. momof3 says:

    I think you should bring layaway back year around and let customers put anything on layaway like it use be like when Sam Walton was a live because customers like it better back then so families don’t have much money can get the kids stuff they need for Xmas and school

  42. angela house says:

    its just another way to hurt poor people. not everyone has credit cards. and single parents know just how hard it is to take care of a family. but walmart does not care. I use to have a layaway in walmart every three months. now I go to k mart. Kmart doesn’t have the choices walmart does but I do the best I can. walmart is a disgrace to the American working people who work check to check to survive. Now they cant put whats needed into layaways. real American of you walmart thanks

  43. ladybugsmommie says:

    I always used walmart until they changed all the guidelines to the layaway rules and regulations. I mean the reason it is called LAY AWAY is to pay on items little by little. Not ever gift you get someone is $15.. i mean come on really. i know there are people out there that dont pick their stuff up but guess what im sure there are more people that do. why punish the good ones because you have a couple idiots out there who mess things up. until this changes Kmart will be my store for the Holidays…. and anything else i need.

  44. Jenny says:

    We have been buying a LOT of stuff from Kmart over the past 7 or 8 years because of Walmart’s idiotic decision to shut down year-round layaway and then limit what people can buy during their little Christmas layaway joke! I have a TV on layaway at Kmart right now, not the size I wanted, Walmart has the size I want at a lower price than the one we’re getting, but I have to give a certain amount of loyalty (and $$$$!) to Kmart for enabling me to buy clothes, towels, linens, and anything else I please, whenever I please. Thank you sweet baby Jesus for Kmart few they may be these days!

  45. Penny says:

    I don’t think Walmart should put a price on what you layaway…. layaway was at other stores.. you could put what ever on layaway……the first time I used Walmart layaway….I get up there and then i’m told… cant put this on layaway….because its under 15.00 …..well I had to put back all my stuff…that was for the kids….that is so stupid. in the long run,,Walmart would get more people and business….if they would lift that 15.00 item thing….and have layaway all year around.. k-mart was my store for layaways.

  46. Becky says:

    I would like to know why you can’t put a sewing machine on layaway? My husband wanted to get me one for Christmas last year and was told he couldn’t it wasn’t an item that you could be put on layaway. That is so stupid……….

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