Meijer Layaway Information

The regional chain retailer Meijer, which has been in business since 1934, has not offered layaway since 2006. Generations of shoppers recall saving items at the Meijer layaway counter, but it is no more.

A Meijer executive told a Michigan newspaper that layaway program usage had declined to the point that only a “handful” of stores still offered it at the time it was discontinued.
Interestingly, on the Meijer Web site page promoting its store credit card, the “fine print” mentions that the promotional discount offered new cardholders excludes “existing layaway.”

4 Responses to “Meijer Layaway Information”

  1. Nancy Hines says:

    I think its a shame to do away with “layaway” especially now! There are so many people out of work and that really love to have that option to help them along. At least say yes until christmas.

  2. v stamps says:

    I agree with nancy, walmart, and kmart will make the money.

  3. Anonymous says:

    kmart does do layaway and its awsome i love it i use 3 times year on the low side

  4. Audrey Byars says:

    Wow ? this is sad, I had no idea Meijer had stopped the lay-a-plan. At least just for Christmas!

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