About LayawayPlans.net

LayawayPlans.net is researched, written and run by me, Devanie Angel. I started the site in 2008 on a hunch that, as families tightened their belts, layaway would become more popular as a way to bridge the financial gap and avoid overreliance on credit cards. Now, more than a decade later, I continue to update the site as layaway evolves to include buy now pay later services such as Afterpay. LayawayPlans.net urges shoppers to be wary of overextending themselves financially, and thus the site includes tips and facts for consumers considering these methods of payment.

I’m a mom and former journalist who loves to save money any way she can: coupons, shopping the sales, etc. I’m also a fan of keeping debt low and “paying as you go” whenever possible. I believe that layaway can be part of that strategy.

4 Responses to “About LayawayPlans.net”

  1. I will went wal-mark had layaway thinks for bring it back now i have a grand daughter I put her thing on layaway.

  2. ivonne says:

    I will liked to know if you can do a lay-away through the internet at walmart liked k-mart a sears?

  3. Anonymous says:

    i need to make a paymt on a kmart layaway,on line.How do I do it?

  4. Esther says:

    Walmartt are you ever going to bring layaway back though out the year

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