Boscov’s Layaway

This regional department store chain offers a 60-day layaway plan (30 days for clothing), with 10 percent down.

Boscov’s used to advertise its layaway program heavily. Newspaper advertisements from the early 1970s read: “Write your own layaway shopping list,” and let shoppers delay payments for quite some time.

4 Responses to “Boscov’s Layaway”

  1. Stephen M. Vichozsky says:

    Can I put major appliances (stove,fridge…ect.) on layaway?Thank You!

  2. Stephen M. Vichozsky says:

    Can I layaway major appliances such as fridge,stove…?Thank You!!

  3. Hi, Can I layway major applicances such as dishwasher, sofa too. And I was wondering if how much it would be, If my bill is $330.00.

  4. Janine says:

    Can i put a christmas tree on layaway?

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